Easier to host on mobile / older devices

I’m not a cp but some devices can’t ,even when they say that it supports multitasking, can’t use 2 apps at once like for example my device says it supports multitasking but when I go to a different app it disconnects me from the server on roblox. So maybe the hosting formats could be added in game, for cp+, like by adding another button next to the change team button that shows the formats for each session and the host / Co-host can just copy it from there. It could help to make more cps actually do the quota and some wardens who have the device limitations like me to work towards Cp.

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Same I have the same issues I was a CP in V1 on my old account and ye-.

For anyone with this problem if you’re using IOS you can use the text replacement or multitasking just google how to do it and it basically solves every problem I talked about.