Elected Official Company Regulations & Procedures

Elected Official Company Regulations & Procedures

The position of Governor comes with lots of responsibilities & due processes. With this position, you are not only trusted by the community but by the staffing team holistically. You are here to represent Stateview to further ascertain the professionalism level & the rigor of staffing within the establishment. This system was engendered by Stateview leadership & approved by Stateview’s Leadership Team.

When elected governor, you are required to lead the executive branch throughout your term(s). You have been elected to lead the branch with the prospects of professionalism & grammar throughout the establishment. Including chain of commands, staffing procedures, albeit omitting departmental infrastructures, department reforms & or development issues (albeit may have a verbalize if correlated with the legislative branch).

The governor and all administration cabinet members must use voice communication and be prepared to use it when prompted, as well as be over the age of fourteen (14).

Chain of Command

Executive Branch

  • Governor (member who controls the chain of command & branch)
  • Administration Cabinet (member who assists the governor)
  • Administration Member (member who helps campaign)
  • Campaign Support (member who supports the administration)

Legislative Branch

  • Stateview Leadership
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Board of Directors (Independent board representative)
  • Branch Diversity Team (Independent board representative)
  • Chief of Staff (Independent board representative)
  • Board Representative (appointed by the governor & is considered a member of his/her cabinet)

Judicial Branch

  • Stateview Intelligence Agency

Executive Bills

Governors have the authority to issue executive bills under emergency circumstances such as free-ranking incidents, corrupted departmental behaviors, and or any violation that staff does not recognize. Free ranking must be approved and have a reason

Executive Process

  1. Executive Branch receives Executive Bill & or creates one under circumstances of a situation. (with approval from the governor at all times)

  2. Once an Executive Bill has been received, the legislative branch (leadership) will be informed by the governor.

  3. In under circumstances the executive bill is breaking any rules, or is violating a leadership member’s opinion, they may vote to impeach the bill.

Executive Order -( put title of order )- Issued by Executive Branch of Stateview
Consultation of Order ( explain what the order does )
Approval Stance by ( explain how the executive bill got approved within your administration, ex who approved )
Signature of Confirmation ( sign your name & title of administration to ensure proper execution )

Once the format is filled out, you may send it within leadership announcements located within the leadership server.

Legislative Branch

  • The Legislative Branch can launch votes to imply new rules & regulations to Stateview Correctional Facility. These votes can either be approved by the governor or leadership majority.

  • The governor will have the option to appoint three Board Representatives that the legislative branch agrees upon. These board members will not be ranked a leadership rank. Leadership members = auto Independent board representative

  • The position of board representative comes with extreme responsibility. Board representatives fall under the legislative branch- these people will be given the invite to the leadership/coordination server. They will have the job of voting on things the governor does and proposing things to the governor. Board representatives will also have the authority to vote on impeachment if articles of impeachment ever reach the legislative branch.

  • Members of leadership/legislative branch may be removed from power if a legislative vote is launched and approved by the Chairman of the Board. The executive branch has the authority to work alongside the legislative branch if approval is granted via majority.

  • If a board representative violates any regulations that are required to be followed in the leadership server, they will be removed from their duties via a vote recorded by a transcript. This includes corruption, being biased on votes, self-promoting, trying to obtain power by votes, and so on.

  • Governors and or members associated with the Governor’s administration will not be permitted to mandate approval from a department head to access a department. Department Heads will remain in control of their departments unless an executive bill is launched. The Judicial Branch has the authority to investigate a Governor if they are in violating of this bylaw.

Judicial Branch

  • The Judicial Branch has the power to indict/impeach a non-independent board representative, Administration Cabinet, and Governor. However, they will need to draft official articles of impeachment down to the legislative branch for further review/approval.

  • The Judicial Branch has the authority to vote on shutting down/suspending departments if they are proven corrupted, biased, or if simply any rules are broken from the department, in general, the department heads refuse to acknowledge. This action must be approved by the legislative branch.

  • The Judicial Branch needs approval after a vote passes with a majority from the Intelligence Director/Intelligence Overseer to draft whatever proposal they have voted upon.

  • The Judicial Branch has the authority to vote upon certain things that are proven corrupted or is breaking rules associated with Stateview, Roblox Terms of Service, or discord Terms of Service. Information regarding this will be stated within the court if you are picked.

Impeachment Sections
Articles of Impeachment

The Governor and his/her cabinet are required to follow certain regulations associated with Stateview Correctional Facility. The Governor cannot be put under official investigation for minor or medium offenses within Stateview. If a Governor is abstracted from office, the individual the Governor has picked at the commencement of his/her administration will be sworn in as acting Governor. The administration cabinet will not be fired/abstracted if section 2 has been invoked.

Section 1

If a Governor has been reported for corruption, abuse of puissance, being partial, rule-breaking executive bill, or anything that meets an offense over medium will result in an official investigation being launched by leadership or any Investigational agency associated with Stateview. If/when that investigation is substantiated over and if the proof is validated the Investigational departmental heads will draft the evidence to the Judicial Branch. When the proof reaches Stateview Intelligence Agency, there will be an impeachment vote predicated on the evidence. If that vote passed with majority the Governor and his/her administration will be ranked “Suspended Security Inmate”. From there the official articles of Impeachment will be drafted to the Legislative Branch to vote on the final decision. When leadership has culminated voting, Impeachment managers will address Stateview Correctional Facility on the final results.

Section 2

If a Governor’s cabinet has lost faith in the Governor’s faculties to govern/lead Stateview they will invoke section two. The administration cabinet will be required to draft an official verbal expression to Impeachment managers (Jimmy, 4D, Alreadypro, SirYeet, xTre_yy). When the verbal expression is drafted, the administration cabinet members will vote to abstract the Governor from office. When/if an abstraction vote reaches a majority the Governor will be ranked “Suspended Security Inmate”. From here the administration cabinet will be removed from the discussion which will sanction the Impeachment managers the opportunity to discuss the final results.

Section 3

The Judicial Branch (Stateview Intelligence Agency) has the approval to investigate a Governor & his/her cabinet members. However, afore an investigation is launched under the Judicial Branch they will require reasoning and evidence behind the investigation commencement. The Judicial Branch will withal need approbation from the Director of Intelligence+ to launch an investigation and perpetuate to draft articles of Impeachment. If they have validated reasoning & proof to abstract a Governor from office they will launch an official vote to temporarily suspend the Governor while articles of Impeachment are in the process of transferring to the Legislative Branch.

Section 4

If an investigation was launched by the Judicial/Legislative Branch or an Investigative Agency on an administration cabinet, the investigation will not contain the governor unless he/she was involved. When the Investigation has been substantiated and concluded the Governor will have the option to ask for the cabinet member(s) resignation afore an official cabinet impeachment vote is launched by the Judicial or Legislative Branch.

Section 5

Section 5 will be invoked if the Governor has transgressed a rule/regulation that Jimmy, Alreadypro, SirYeet, or 4D didn’t like/approve of. The Governor will be abstracted from office without an impeachment tribulation.

Section 6

If an executive bill is considered corrupt, or abusive by a legislative member they will first consult with the governor to get a full evaluation regarding it. If the bill still seems corrupted, or abusive in any way a legislation member will be allowed to impeach the Executive Bill.

Section 8

If a governor resigns from his/her position, the administration cabinet they appointed will be sworn into office as acting governor. They may finish off the term, and get re-elected when elections come out.

Impeachment Process
Articles of Impeachment

Section 1

  1. Investigation will be launched by either the Legislative Branch, or Judicial Branch.

  2. When the investigation is concluded the Judicial Branch (Stateview Intelligence Agency) will vote to suspend the Governor. If the vote passes with majority, the governor and his/her cabinet will be suspended & apprised about articles of Impeachment transferring to the Legislative Branch.

  3. The Legislative Branch will vote on the articles of Impeachment. If the vote passes the governor & his administration will be abstracted from their positions.

Section 2

  1. The cabinet will draft an official verbal expression to Impeachment managers.

  2. The Governor will be temporarily suspended until Impeachment managers have made a decision.

  3. If Impeachment managers decide to abstract the Governor from his/her position the individual that was acceded upon by the Chairman of the Board+ & Governor at the commencement of the governor’s administration will be sworn in as acting governor until the term is over.

  4. Cabinet members will not be fired if section 2 is invoked, you will be a component of the acting governor’s cabinet.

Section 3

  1. Both the Governor & Cabinet will be investigated by Stateview Intelligence Agency, with verbalizer of the agency approbation. This investigation requires reasoning and proof.

  2. Once all the proof has been verified valid, Stateview Intelligence Agency will issue a verbal expression to temporarily suspend the Governor & his/her cabinet.

  3. Once the governor has been suspended they will be notified that articles of Impeachment have been drafted to the legislative Branch for further voting.

  4. The legislative Branch will decide if the Governor & his/her cabinet should be Impeached.

Section 4

  • An investigation will be launched on the administration cabinet by the Legislative Branch, or Investigative agency.
  1. Vote will be conducted to temporarily suspend the administration cabinet within Stateview’s Intelligence Agency. The Intelligence Director will give the governor 12 hours to either ask for his cabinet member(s) resignation or Inform the governor there will be a vote to impeach the administration cabinet if they don’t accept resigning.

Section 5

  1. Impeachment Managers & or the Chairman of the Board has the authority to impeach the governor, without due-process.

Section 6

  1. The Governor will need to fully elaborate the Executive Bill. If a legislative member still disagrees and believes it is abusive or corrupted they will launch to impeach it.

  2. Executive bill launched for Impeachment in leadership voting channel.

Section 7

  1. The governor resigns and appoints his administration cabinet to acting governor.

Acting Governor

When a governor is sworn into office they will be asked to pick an acting governor in case they are removed, impeached, or indicted from office. This acting governor cannot be a member of their cabinet. The acting governor will have the duty of fulfilling the Governor’s term until the next election. The acting governor is allowed to run for governor after fulfilling the previous Governor’s term.

If section two is invoked on the governor, the administration cabinet appointed by the governor will be sworn in as acting governor.

Election Information

Rank Name - Governor
Rank Limit - One Member
Rank Term Amount - As many times as you are elected
Rank Payment - 50,000 Robux Per-Term
Budget payment - 250,000 Robux Per-Term
Cabinet Rank Limit - One Member
Board Representative Limit - Three (has to be agreed upon by leadership)

  • Governors are allowed to serve as many terms as they want. But they must be elected for all of them.

  • The ONLY way a Candidate can be disqualified is if they are blacklisted, If they have broken election rules, and or if the legislative branch votes to disqualify them. No other possible form or way to disqualify someone.

  • If a governor is impeached they are NOT allowed to be re-elected/run for governor again. (The governor’s cabinet may run with approval from campaign management)

  • When the governor’s term is finished they will not have the option to request any rank other than Respected Inmate. (They may temporarily keep the rank of Governor if they decide to campaign again.)

  • The governor’s administration cabinet/running mate may request respected inmate when the governor’s term is finished.

  • The governor and his/her administration are not allowed to gain access to any Intelligence Agency associated with Stateview Correctional Facility.

Election Regulations

  • Do Not Advertise A Server In Any Way, Other Then Using Proper Channels.

  • You May Not Accept/hand Out Bribes To Anyone.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Buy Information To Use On Anyone.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Advertise Your Campaign In Any Other Servers/games Other Than The Election Server Or Your Own Campaigning Server.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Go In Roblox Games And Advertise Your Campaign And Or Tell Others To Vote For You.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Direct Message People And Ask For Others To Vote For You.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Pay Off Leadership Members Or Anyone To Vote In Your Favor.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Resign To Join Another Member’s Cabinet.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Pay People To Rig The Election Or Commit Voter Fraud.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Advertise Candidates In Departments.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Merge Campaigns

  • You Are Not Not Allowed To Buy Sponsors, Advertisements, Or Anything That You Need To Buy From Someone In Order To Bring People To Your Campaign.

  • You Are Not Allowed To Make Alts In Effort To Support Your Campaign Or Hate On Others.

  • Failure To Follow These Rules Will Result In You Being Disqualified From The Election. If Someone Is Violating The Listed Regulations, Please Report These Users Over To Trey#9782.

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