Enable reset charicter

I cant even count the number of times I’ve gotten stuck in this game. the beds in every cell are an inescapable mantrap because for some unexplained reason you have disabled reset character, so now the only way to get unstuck is to leave and rejoin the game.

Hell nah people would do that in cuffs

Just found another bug i got stuck in “vehicle mode” after a vehicle disappeared out from under me and I cant use any tools or anything because no reset

So what? we would just get put bacn in our cells or the shower or wherever

AND ANOTHER REASON i got trapped on top of a guard tower when both doors got closed and I didn’t have a keycard and OF COURSE there’s an invisible wall preventing you from jumping off and now I’m just stuck and cant go anywhere unless I leave and rejoin

Then do that
(Characters more please)

So just, no, just no, that’s all I’m saying, the chaos…

It would be abused massively in situations I’m not going to mention just no.

Try the !rejoin command works just fine. I myself never get stuck and the beds are easily escapable

how can it possibly be abused? when guards arrest it respawns you where you should be, when you reset it respawns you where you should be, heck abusive guards can even walk you into one of the beds in a cell and trap you there forever

Because if it uses the same admin command as ref it would make you out the cuffs

no sir they would reset character themselves while in cuffs

it would be abused easily if they added

SO WHAT! all that will do is put us back where we should be! there’s also abusive cops that abuse cuffs all the time and force you to leave the game!

No this won’t be added terrible abuse will be used just no.

You completely ignored me on how much cops abuse their tools, tons of little closets around the prison they can lock us into, heck even the guard towers.

There was resetting button in-game for some time and no. This could be abused A LOT. Example: Someone transports you to max and you reset. You got frisked and you don’t have tools then you reset.

If you get transported to max and reset you will respawn in max maybe make it take 2 minutes from when you press the button to actually reset but its needed because there’s so many places to get stuck

I meant that once you are being transported to max not while you are at max.

Ok, let’s say you got perm guns and card, you got frisked and bought to max, if the reset button was actually activated, you’d just have to click it to cause chaos once again, so no

Second, if you really think guards abuse a lot, they don’t actually, if they actually abuse go and report them with proof, most times they’re COMM- and don’t know what they’re doing, or you could just vote kick them, both works but I suggest reporting because it gets them game banned instead of server banned