Enforced Lockdown Reason

∙•∙ Enforced Lockdown Reason ∙•∙

Tired of asking “Reason for LD”? Well, here is the solution!

(UI concept made by me.)

So, where will the LD reason be logged?

The radio, of course. That way, all the guards in-game can see the reason for the LD, and respond to it accordingly. The format would look something like this: SYSTEM // <USERNAME> initiated LD // <REASON> This way all guards can be aware of what and where the situation is, instead of waiting for the person who initiated the LD to respond. The background of the message should be yellow to stand out.

This could also prevent CR abusers, as they would have to come up with a fake reason. That fake reason could be proven wrong by other guards in said area.

Feel free to add on to this suggestion.

Thanks for reading!

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I totally agree, every time someone initiates lockdown for no reason, I go to the SR but everyone is telling me “wasnt me”. It would be very good to know who initiated it.

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This is a great Idea! I agree, LD abuse is common and most of the time un-able to track. This would make it much easier to track LD abusers. I also feel like there would have to be more tracking though, so like chat-logs you can view Lockdown-logs which would keep the same format. Another thing that could be added is under CR abuse will result in being punished there should also be reminder that Lockdowns can only be activated when there is 3+ armed inmates. Overall, great idea!


We need this in game for V3 so we don’t have control panel abuse and the panel can be used for COMM+

Just to add to this I believe there are still lockdown logs for FD+ In general server even if it’s not in game.

No, I don’t know if you know this rule of CR:
Stay CR: COMM+
Use control of CR: COMM+
Max stay:3

i agree