Errors after update

Hello there! Please note in advance that the report is not written in the form.
I understand that this may puzzle you, but still it took me quite a lot of time to find evidence for each of the points presented below. You will be able to see these problems after 10 minutes of the game. But not always.

In this report, I tried to collect all the errors I found.

  1. spawn prisoners on the roof
  2. If you spawn and fall, then you will stay down.
  3. When shooting from the first person, hands are not visible.
  4. A 100 percent chance of dropping all the guns from a dead policeman.
  5. The status is not written, only the notification
  6. The anti-abuse system works terribly.
    (when a million people have escaped from the shower and you try to arrest them, and they turn out to be innocent! And after 3 attempts, you’re in solitary. The same story with weapons by the way. (There is a lockdown, the prisoners are at the exit, but you can’t shoot at them!) ).

I really love this game And the developers who created it, if you saw any disrespect here, please excuse me, this is not intended. Please try to fix it soon.

The device I Played With: iphone 12. The latest version of roblox.

Thank you in advance, goodbye.

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Ok this is not really related to the report but thank you so much, I saw many people just get mad at the new update getting mad at the devs but you constructively told the devs what bugs you found still being respectful. Big respects to you.