Ethical debate between Staff Regarding Hackers

And I radioed, “Shouldn’t they get three warnings before a kick?”

And the ERT beside me goes, “Yeah, that’s true.”

And the PI scrambling in max says over the radio, “THIS GUY IS HACKING THROUGH WALLS!”

Sure enough, we see a yellow-bodied, max-teamed inmate come strolling through two closed doors to the showers, do a little dance, and ghost walk right back out.

“Def a hacker.”

“VK him.”

And when that kick hammer came scrolling across my screen, I had never in my life been so happy to smash ‘Yes’.

Ghost walking man was never heard from again.

What would you have done?

Well Sometimes it’s not the case they may just be laggy soooo many times i have seen a CO walking through doors that were closed but seconds later opened the games kinda slow due to INMATES CONSTANTLY TRYNA RIOT AND EVERYONE SHOOTING so that happens
Signed - Void

I have seen my fair share of lag; I believe lag and hacking to be two seperate things.