Expanding the riot shields by height and length

Whenever a ERT personal uses the riot shield in a gunfight the shield user is weak due to the shield showing our legs which if the attacker sees the feet of the shield user he/she has nothing blocking it and they’ll kill the shield user easily so this is why I think the riot shield should be increased in height and length.

That would make it too OP. It has a gap there for balancing reasons, essentially so that prisoners or criminals actually have a chance of killing you.


I agree, this would make it too OP, with enough skill people can learn how to defeat opponents without even using the shield in the first place.

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Tbh the prison life riot shields protect your whole front body only your back is exposed

Stateview shields no longer protect you from damage.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

So basically they are for RP only now?

I actually never heard or feeld that they dont do any damage but Idk

They’re only for RP and pushing guards/prisoners.

Not for pushing, you shouldnt push guards and you can just cuff prisoners. I think the riot shoeld just got useless