Facility Director responsibilities

Recently, I’ve started saving up robux for Facility Director rank that is only available during sales. Because of that, I need to know the requirements, tasks, expectations, and responsibilities that good Facility Director must know at all times during his duty in Stateview Prison. This way, my purchase of the rank won’t turn into a complete waste of robux.

SV Superintendent

your only responsibility is to be professional, do your quota and dont abuse your admin. though i wouldnt recommend buying any rank under CAC cause you dont really get much and its annoying having to get a supervisor constantly. also, if you dont know the exact admin regulations and study them constantly you will lose your rank very quickly

I think that I will lose my rank ONLY if I do something REALLY wrong.

You could also lose your rank if you’re inactive

btw, facility director isn’t on sale anymore

He said during sales.