FAQ about a few rules

Hi! I have been observing the questions that are frequently asked , so I am going to try answering them, if you have any suggestions or questions, you can reply about them and I will add it in a reply. I will try to answer these questions in the most appropriate and simplest fashion, without giving misleading statements. So let’s get started!
(Side note: I am NOT 4D_X nor am I trying to impersonate them.)

Are staff members allowed to go to the city?
Ans: Yes, you may go to the city now, but you cannot camp there.

How can I get promoted to CP?
Ans: Here are some requirements:
1: Since you need to be on discord, you need to be 13+.
2: You need to be a warden first (not if you buy the gamepass).
Meet these requirements? Great! Now to get promoted from warden to CP, you can:
1: Show activity (attending shifts, helping in trainings, staying active, logging them in discord etc ).
2: Pass a prison inspection (It’s essentially a training with more steps and are much harder to pass).
3: Buy the gamepass.

Are inmates allowed to roam during Cell Block?
Ans: Yes, do not lock them in their cells during Cell block, they are allowed to roam.

When can we put inmates in max or solitary?
Ans: Either when they are heavily armed, so they keep killing staff members, or they fail to comply with officers too many times, note: don’t put them in max for just walking a step towards the potential escaping points.

Why do some staff members keep asking me to not to turn on LD during a shift?
Ans: It’s because you can’t turn lockdown on during a shift.

What is my cooldown?
Ans : Staff Cooldowns.

3 Day Cooldowns

Corrections Officer = 3 Days
Emergency Response Team = 3 Days
Medical Staff = 3 days
Commander = 3 Days

5 Day Cooldowns
Prison Inspector = 5
Days Deputy Warden = 5 Days

1 Week/7 Days Cooldown
Prison Warden = 1 week
Chairperson = 1 Week

2 Week Cooldown
Facility Director = 2 weeks

3 Week Cooldown
Community Advisory Council

4 Week Cooldown
Prison Commissioner

Where is the Sessions room?
Ans: If your coming from the staff command aka the CO team spawn point side, move towards the metal detector/ exit, just before the metal detector you will see a door on your left, go through it and if the second one is closed, open it and you will see the stairs, take them and once your on the second floor, on your left you will see a room, enter there if the event is still going on, or if it’s not locked, STS and listen for instructions, if your dismissed, then leave.

Any other posts I should check out?
Ans: Here are a few:

I suggest that you go through the whole section once.

Now, I am just going to tell a few side-notes, they might help you too, so I suggest you to read these.

I shot someone in between the the two doors, someone told it was gun abuse, was it?

Ans: If you shot without warning on unarmed inmates that have not crossed the line, yes, it’s gun abuse.

Someone asked me to change my skin color, should I?
Ans: No, the rule has been removed as the group has a lot of members now.

Where can I report abusers or appeal actions against me?
Ans: Join the admin server, how? If your in the comms server, just go to the bot-commands channel and run the command -intel, the invite link will show up, the instructions and the format are in the admin server.

Just remember, these are the rules while I typed them, rules update everyday, so you may look at replies once and if there are any updates, I will try to post them there or edit this. Follow the rules that are already given in-game. Have a nice day!

-coolgsvirk1, Warden.

Edits: Corrected format, included side note at the top, updated with new rules.


This is really helpful.

I wish I had something like this when I was a ERT-

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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This should be updated, as skin color rule and city rule are now gone.

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Edited, thanks for reminding me!