FAQ about abusing

What type of abuse is this?

Cuff abuse: Using your cuff abusively like randomly walking up to people and cuffing and arresting them. (CA)

Gun abuse: Using your gun (or any weapon) abusively such as walking around randomly firing your gun at people. (RK)

Admin abuse: Using admin commands abusively, such as respawning people for no reason.

What do I do?
Cuff abuse or Gun abuse:
Give three warnings and if they do not stop, tell a DW+.

Admin abuse:
Contact a CP+.

Why do people abuse?
I think people abuse because they feel power when they do it.

How can we combat it?
I know this should go in the suggestions section, but I think if you give Wardens more commands such as, “view”, “unview”, !votekick and pm there will be fewer abusers because the Wardens can more easily look for abusers. Wardens will not abuse because they have worked hard to achieve their rank (or they have paid a lot of robux) so they are unlikely to abuse.

Hope this helped,

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

Also VKA, (Votekick Abuse). In this situation you should immediately do a screenshot and go to discord server (Add a Server) and type “-intel” in bot command channel. Then verify yourself and do a Game-Report (Not appeal) and follow the format. Someone will always come to your report and punish the person. We do not tolerate Votekick Abusers here in Stateview and we’re Game Banning and Terminating that person.


If you own the mod gamepass, respawning others even for valid reasons is AA

There’s also another thing that is violated with the rules, but not really abusive. Some people just let inmates out of the prison by opening the doors to the prison exit, even if the officer doesn’t cuff them. Well, this might be false roleplaying or something.

Its cross teaming if he’s actually doing it to help the inmates

I got banned for respawning people when they were stuck in the shower ceeling. I helped them, and got banned.

Ik, its stupid… i get the point of not using it on others, but if they were stuck its just stupid tbh

Ik. And they dent my appeal and respond with a message about roblox rules and there rules, which is clearly there “automatic denied response”

It’s because you’re not a HR+. You cannot use commands on others, even if you need to help them. Contact a HR+ immediately if there is one in the server. But if there is none, but leave them alone and wait for a HR+ to join the server. If you are a HR then I don’t know what might be causing you to be banned. If you used the mod command gamepass then that might be why you got banned. Never ever use commands on others unless you’re a HR+ with necessary reasons to use the command on other players.

They also denied it possibly because admin abuse is unappealable.

You might need to ask an HR+ about that.
I did use a res command on a different person once but it was a year ago, and I didn’t realize that I wasn’t allowed to use commands on others when I privately messaged to a HR about using mod commands. They said, “No, you cannot use mod commands on others.”.

BUT, you are allowed to use the “view”, and the “pm” command on others, as long as it doesn’t violate any other rules.

What he said is true, you’re not allowed to use commands on others (pm and view dont count) most likely if you do it once you wont instantly get banned, but if you keep doing it you will

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