Fbi team or something?

Fbi team will have m41a6,medkit,glock,cuffs and tazer with riot shield.
They have hp buff + speed boost.
How to get it?
1: 450 kills as ert team.
2: 50 arrest criminals
3:50 arrest inmates (must be armed)
4: block 255 dmg with the riot shield.
5: Heal 300 hp in MO team.
6: Guard each zone 20 minutes. (Cafeteria,yard,cell block,shower, maximum and solitary zone.) (100 minutes)
7: be minimum 25 level.

Fbi’s shield have bigger hitboxes also.

There’s no need for a team like this. Not only it doesn’t make sense, but it also is too op with the hp and speed buff.
It just looks like you want to be advantaged

Dorsal, mans just wants more power

#gimmemorecharacters #nomore30characters

We’re playing one team for long time (ert ofc)
Co- ert better cuz wearon
Mo: Medkit Don’t work+lower than CO

That’s bored to see classic 3 teams
And peoples want something new

Dude,really? Join the game with a lot of criminals.

Criminals= gigachads They’re no life with skill

You know that CO is higher than MO right? Doing the quiz gives you a higher rank than leveling up to MO

I take that personally, being a crime has even a weaker weapon than the M4A1, its way better its just you guys need better aim

Ofc we haven’t discord aim trainings.

Yes.i know it. but what’s the difference?,
I could put CP lower than co.

Then I would think you’re retarded because you don’t know the rank system


But still i’m wondering why MO<Co
Also MO’s medkits are not healing