Fix #request-supervisor

Most of the time I have to wait 1 hour or more just for a supervisor but then other people who just spam DMs can get a supervisor in 10 mins, so I think that the only way to get a supervisor should be in the request supervisor channel, so some people don’t have to wait hours while others only wait 10 minutes. I also think there could be some sort of exemption card for FDs to host trainings, I don’t think this would be too difficult to add, for example whenever a FD hosts a training the Supervisor would give them a grade at the end and if the FD gets at least 10 trainings with a grade above 7 would get an exemption card. The one problem is teaming for scenarios, so maybe FDs could be given perms to team people but only if they’re in the SR. And for promotions the host could dm a CAC+ with the passers and reason why they passed. I think this would help with the supervisor problem but it would mean changing FD perms to it’s probably not going to happen.

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We shouldn’t give FD the team command cuz it can be abused heavily

The FD can just gives their friends a pass and just give a random vaild reason. Nah this should not be added.