Fix the arrest thing

When an inmate is on max security or solitary they should be teleported back to their cell after being arrested. why? I hate when new players that are CO-COMM just arrest max security/solitary and we need to bring him to that cell again.

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I agree. Just make another button to make them normal for DW+ or WARDEN+.


Prison Inspector+ maybe, he’s like commander rn.

Na, that ranks easy. Even dw is easy but im fine with it.

Or it can team them by basically putting them into the cell. But that should be possible only if the user is cuffed currently, as they could go into these cells on their own. But that could also bring a lot of scripting, etc. Just an idea.

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It wouldn’t bring a lot of scripting, it would be the exact same as how you get teamed in max/solitary

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