Fix the cuff hitboxes

I keep getting cuffed 1 meter away with green ping
It feels like im getting sucked to the roblox handcuff tool
yes this is a serious request and a problem

This should be in bug reports, also you should follow bug reports format (with proof)

Its not a bug, its an intended feature. This is the right place

How is it not a bug jonah, its basically saying that the cuffs are way too long of the range and should be shortenedd… oh wait it is a bug, nvm.

Its not a bug either, its intended. If you have to walk up to everyone and basically stand inside them to cuff them that would make arresting criminals 20 times harder. Its an intended feature that the range is as long

Sry that’s what I mean

Yh i agree being cuffed from far away is unrealistic so i feel like it should be reduced not reduced so far where you have to be inside the body but
Atleast close enough where if you hold out your roblox arm you can touch the person