[FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT] Why I think Stateview Prison is dying off

Recently, a lot of things have been going on in Stateview, such as a new map, and even attempting to remove shifts. This has resulted into many players losing motivation, or maybe even resigning.
Here are some reasons I think why SV is declining:

🞄 There have just been too many changes done to the game lately, and no proper time to process them. There should at least be a 3 week gap between new features being added to the game.

🞄 Community Management is trying to make the game more like a ‘‘roleplay’’ game. The problem with this is that this is not where players are used to. MR+ want to host sessions, and that’s why are are MR.

🞄 Closing the session room for 3 hours wont fix anything. I am aware that it is in place because of there being a lot of criminals during that time, but it doesn’t fix anything! Players will basically just not play the game, resulting in a low player count.

🞄 Making GP admins able to use res and ref is in no way a good idea. People could be in a max cell, and use ref in order to get out of the cell, and easily escape while no one is looking.

🞄 Trying to remove shifts is just a bad idea. If the vote succeeded then SI would just be useless, other then being in the MR+ group in inspections, and CP would be pretty useless too, with it just being hard to obtain, and only being able to Co-Host trainings as reward.

🞄 Also regarding shifts, quota is now way to hard to complete, due to there being a 10 minute cooldown between shifts. Why can’t we just have multiple sessions on-going at the same time? To make quota easier to complete, maybe add something like a max quota for a week, so 1 MR can’t take everyone’s quota.

I would really like for Community Management to take these points into consideration.
If you have any questions, ask them in the replies.


I agree to disagree.

Stateview’s engagement and activity levels have risen by 4% in the last week, due to these new changes. This is because people who aren’t Superintendent or higher do not necessarily care about sessions… But attend them for the promotion [Rarely].

I’m aware that no one who is Superintendent to Chairperson likes these new changes, because it doesn’t give them much of a purpose as it previously did. But however, it provides them with opportunities to roleplay/patrol the prison WITHOUT sessions. They also have the ability to moderate the facility as well, making it more friendly and safe.

In response to your concern about how hard it is to reach quota, Community Management did the mathematics and came to the agreement that quota is now easier than ever before to reach… Primarily due to the new regulation/rank-information changes you may review in #staff-information.

Now we are working on new ways to engage with Stateview without sessions; But currently, we still are working on the re-development of that structure and information.

Thanks for your concern in regards to Stateview, but it’s recommended that you review the facts, and evaluate the entire situation that people interpret incorrectly.

Best Regards,

Chairman of the Board
Community Management


This is false. When you are in maximum security or solitary, if you try to res, you just respawn in the cell. It is the same for ref.

After reading this, I think I’ve changed my mind about some of the points and how they make sense. Thank you for replying to this topic for clearance about these changes.

I am aware that res does not work in maximum or solitary. That’s why I used ref in the example.

But ref just refreshes you, you only have your health bar filled.

I’m pretty sure it also gives you your items back. This could be used in your advantage if you have a keycard.

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Sorry, I forgot that you get your weapons back (I have admin commands so I can confirm).