Forced to attend inspections

I request from HR’s and SHR’s to not make people forced to attend inspections and that it is a must to attend it, people have their rights and their own decisions whether to attend inspections or not, but to punish people who does not attend inspections this is against some people rights.
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I don´t think your request will be accepted because
Inspections are mandatory and clearly regulated. You confirmed the rule by joining this server.
If you would like changes to this, make a clear and detailed request to Stateview Leadership and if you are lucky, it may be changed

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You can always change servers if you do not want to attend the inspection.

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theres a reason its officially called a “mandatory” inspection :skull:

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If it’s even called a mandatory inspection, why is it compulsory to join it the first place.


The topic:

Clearly states that human rights should be removed, and it is totally being added :skull::skull_and_crossbones:.

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then just switch servers :))

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