!forceupdate for discord

So today I was roaming through discord reading messages when suddenly the drama started and there was a massive fight because someone got demoted (the time that im writing this its still on-going, it already lasted 30 minutes) The person was a rank buyer and got demoted from FD to CP and threw curse words on everyone, he got put immediatly on SSI but I noticed he still had the session announcer rank and he could’ve written anything there if he would’ve figured out and everyone who would wait for a session at that time would’ve seen. Another thing why we need this is because many people dont know how to get the roles in discord, maybe give people with ranking perms the ability to do so. Also I got crazy when I figured out kittkitcat was PC and not CAC. I think this would help a bit and is easy to add.

Yeah, that wouldn’t be bad, it is a very good idea.