I want patrol logs back! They were removed, WHYYY? Frankie said, nobody uses them, but so many people were showing their activity there. I want it back ;(
#FREEPATROLLOGS, if you want them back vote for add them back, we might actually get them back.

  • Add patrol logs back
  • They were useless

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PATROL LOGS WERE REMOVED?! I did not know that.

… Removing patrol logs was extremely dumb, some wardens were on like 50+, now how are wardens aren’t even gonna attend trainings for activity.

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Nobody really wants to check if they were active bow, an warden with a level of 120+ can now get free CP. Thats one reason of many why I eqnt it back.

Level 120+ wardens get CP for free?

You know what I mean, people will get lazy checking every log and counting it together. When patrol logs were still here, they could check how active somebody actually is, now its just in the intel. Nobody wants to check that, and I saw so many unqualified persons who got promoted bacause of a high level, 120+ or so

Fair. I just supervised a lv 28 CP who forgot to assign roles-

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Without patrol logs it gives people no reason to attend shifts, the whole point of shifts is to show activity and without patrol logs there’s no way to show that you attended.

Yall are complaining too much, when I promoted wardens, i never checked patrol logs, they can be faked, some people log every single session while others log at the end of the day, some people even log every 5 minutes just trying to get noticed, people pinged supervisors. Overall just a terrible mess.

And about the “no point in attending shifts” the host logs the hardest worker, when promoting people, i look to:
Hardest workers
Being in discord
Discord activity
Rule knowledge
Overall just helping lower ranks out
Punishment history (if bad punishment you’ll have to work way harder to get a promo)
I have never even looked at patrol logs as they are really easy to abuse

I got a similar experience. When I was attending a shift an extremely low level CP gave me the role of “second Captain” . Like is that even a thing? :confused:

Frankie said something like this “Like none of the CAC+ would check patrol logs for activity, they just do activity by actually seeing them in game being in a session or not” plus some people didn’t follow the format, some would ping like 7 people in a patrol log and other not attaching proof. They are rather useless for checking activity and it was a huge mess which is now gone

honestly, patrol logs were pretty useless. barely any cac+ actually viewed those, it’s used to show activity but it’s not really good at its purpose. even frankie admitted that it didn’t do much and was pretty useless.


No offence frankie but these rules are umm perculiar.

Exactly what i mean, so many people fake patrol logs. Or log like every 5 minutes

There can actually be more than 1 captain in a shift. It really only happens in very big shifts

But the shift only had 6 people in it so that’s just weird.

I have seen a level 1 CP, they should remove the option to buy it.

They wouldn’t because it is a free source of income

ardapro2000 CP