Full On Lockdown

Hey there, this is my idea to add another lockdown function. The old lockdown system can still be used for COMM+ but the improved one for CP or FD+. There should be 3 phases in the new lockdown, 1st phase: The game would announce a lockdown with a alert like the h announcments. The announcment would tell the staff to lock prisoners in cells. The game would automatically close all prison doors. 2nd phase: The game will PM users with a roles like Patrol, Response and Scout. They then go to there roles and patrol the area. 3rd phase: The Front gate locks and so does the front few doors. Now any CP or FD+ can turn off the lockdown and everything will restore back to normal!


I think only CP or FD+ should be allowed to enable it because it Locks the whole prison and wardens might abuse it.

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That’s kinda like a 24/7 shift.

This kinda seems like just a lockdown drill during a shift? It’d be rlly hard to script that to happen automatically


Well, this does not need to be automated 100%. Us CPs+ can to this with a guide

Well how would the game know who has what roles??
and the lockdown could be commands for them

The game does not rlly need to know everyone’s roles but the lockdown command idea is good. Could be for CP or FD+ because we won’t need to always walk to the CR when we are hosting shifts and things. But you get the basic lockdown shift thing

Agreed because i see them a MO and they gets some Comm+ confused I did one I said to a CAC

“Hey, This room is for Commander+! Please leave and only return to this room with DW+ permissions or with commander+ rank.”

And I got in some trouble because their rank was in the roof above the computer