Game admin feature's

So i personally don’t have GA but i’ve been looking to buy it and seeing it pros and cons. If you see the latest department: ‘‘OC’’ Wich is cool with its own team and rank but that could also be useful for GA for example: A command will be added wich is !on-duty and !off-duty When doing !on-duty the player will gain there SHR admin that comes with GA to avoid abuse while being off-duty you will be teamed into Prison overwatch or any other name i just liked that one. This will also popup a screen with modcalls that you can join with one button and is locked after a GA attends it. The Rank that will be given is Game admin so that for example: A CAC GA and SI GA is in the game and are both patrolling but the CAC GA gets notified about everything since his ‘‘Main’’ rank is higher what not true is since all GA’s are the same and when on-duty should be given the GA rank When doing !off-duty they will be teamed into their original team and the SHR admin will be removed with the rank but can still be seen by the admins command that they are a Game admin but removes the tag and gives them their original rank and stuff so they can also play normally without constantly hearing: ‘‘OMG i need help there’s a abuser plsssss help’’ Since that probably happened without GA being on-duty and just playing for fun. I hope it gets added to the game but if not i would like to share my opinion and maybe do something that is not exactly the same to balance it or smth.


나는 이것을 승리를 위한 지불 기능으로 본다. =_=

GA 직원이 당시 관리자에 의해 호출되지 않고 정상적으로 플레이할 수 있도록 하기 위한 것입니다. Google transalated