Game Administrators ability

As a Game Admin, I have noticed how laggy my computer gets when I go back and forth from BC and Roblox. I would like to see more commands in-game to use instead of going on BC. Purely because this is way easier.

Second thing, GA (below FD) members to be able to kick using the command in-game. I have tried to use this command, and it simply does NOT work. This is very annoying for me, as I have said above, it’s so laggy when I go back and fourth.

Thank you for reading, post questions below

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Isn’t that just a problem with your internet?

Can’t you just use cmd?

No, they have to be put on BC, I think

You could check, I might be wrong though.

  • I am below FD and the game won’t let me use the kick cmd or ban

Oh. Below FD doesn’t have any commands unless they bought a gamepass.

No, I am in GA…Game Administration

Yes, but because you are under the rank of FD you don’t have any commands unless you bought the Basic admin gamepass

Bro, I am an admin?? I have SHR commands.

Huh. That’s odd. Oh… The game must think because your rank is under FD you don’t have the ability to use that command.

That is the point of this page…

Or just try and rank up very quickly

bro tried to trick a GA with that :skull:

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It said 4_DX at the bottom @goodbee could you not see?

Do you think a GA doesn’t know of it? Like it’s only really a way to troll ppl completely new to SV.

No… They would know… Wait it does nothing???