Game Feature requests

As I have heard they are adding a civilian team So I am thinking they will also get a police team to get bad guys that are civilians. They should also add a helicopter and a Police station!

let me know what you think?

This is all scrapped, the city is being removed so there cant be a civilian team.

And helicopters? Even if there was a city this would be a huge hell no, along with police, this ain’t jailbreak. Sv isnt a city based game, hence why its being removed.

Lol just wanted to see your reaction

Bruh I cant delete the topic Were is site administrator

lol frankie promised visitor team months ago then never added it :skull:

Yeah, would have been cool for role play but in the end It would prolly hurt the game cuz less staff :skull:

yea i mean that makes sense, but at the time we actually had full servers. sv kinda died, servers are often empty :confused: