Gate Door Bug (Inmates can escape without keycard outside the gate controller)

I want to say that today when I was catching an inmate, she went to the gate. She used the third-person camera and she turned her angle. She opened the gate door and she escaped. I want Stateview to fix this angle bug, so people outside the gate controller cannot open the door so they cannot escape.

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Its a roblox bug, the only wat fixing it it by making the walls/doors bigger then 1 stud

No, its not a roblox bug. They should make it so the game checks you inventory to check if there is a keycard, if not, it checks wether or not your on the cops team. If the resualt is positive, make the gate open. @dpimpy

no its not, it is not the metal detector, it is the thing from the main gate outside. Try to open the gate outside the door thats controlling the gate, then you will figure it out

It’s a Roblox bug. It has to do with the camera so there’s really no fixing it.

If that is fixed wouldn’t that mean it’s literally impossible to esc prison without a key card gamepass

Not really if you go to the back part of the prison there id a hole in the wall so inmates van escape thorough there so it is not impossible.

Someone reported this before.
4D_X said it was intended.

Dd3819 (W)

Check the dates~

Sorry for necroposting, but a solution could be checking the inventory for a key card or police team. @dpimpy