Gear Down Button Still On Screen After Reset (Mobile Players Only)

The “Down” button displayed on mobile players still appears on their screen after they die or have been reset. It only happens to mobile users.

It occurs all the time.

It could happen anywhere as long as you can get killed, and you’re on a mobile device.

  1. Get a gun as an inmate or as any other team that uses those gears.
  2. Equip the gun gear.
  3. Get yourself killed or reset.
  4. The “Down” button will still appear on your screen even if you’re not equipping any weapons. It will only get fixed once you reset without equipping it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any clips to show at the moment, but I will record once after 7 - 23 hours.

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Yeah, that does happen to me. Its not a big deal tho

It’s just a small bug. It only sometimes annoys me for some reason.