General Communications Board

Welcome. This is a general board where you may just talk about life. Brag about getting’s ranks do whatever. Please remember to follow all SV guidelines listed in the Discord. Safe Chats!

hows everyones day going loool What else to say grawwmaa 10000

I hope trainings can be hosted more often.

You should hope for training when you are DW- but you should hope for inspections when you are W+

Singagamesss - Warden

bring this back to life please ok i gues sbring back to live for ever

Ok, hello. I completely forgot about this lol. I think it isnt used because we have discord for that.

Attending a lot of trainings and logging them will help you become CP.

People who attend training don’t get logged, so it doesn’t really help

same :smiley: not many trainings Nice request

Hows everyones day going I know mine was great!!!

guessing this is ded? … I hate the 30 charector limit can it get removed

I wanna ask did SV blacklisted some games? If yes I hope they whitelist some.

Only groups are blacklisted.

Ya i mean the groups of the games

We now have a off topic bord eee mc donalds christmas

Ughhhhh griffin…


Big question
Why did you revive a super dead post?
Like 8 months man

Because it’s a communication like on disco so it’s not the same as a request.

(Am es need characters :moyai: :moyai: :moyai:)