Get rid of the Corrections/ERT cap, and to remove when your cam-op you type the letter e or q it changes cameras

I personally, don’t like the Cap…I do not like the cap and I think most people would agree with me. Most people I see in SV servers are saying to get rid of it. Someone might of already made this suggestion but, I am now.

What cap? There’s no Corrections/ERT cap.

There is, cap is another word for hat.

Oh, that cap. I was thinking of something else.

I think it’s added because I think when you join, it removes your hat. This is most likely to be to prevent you from being bald

But I am saying that there should be no cap and they should let you have hats.

Then the uniform wouldn’t look as strict and you would look silly

Ok, but it would be NICE if they removed the cap, so people with gamepass admin could put on hats so it doesn’t ruin the stuff they put on.

Also, you only just said that.

So it’s a gamepass? So would it come with the basic admin gamepass.

Yea, that was pretty much the Idea, but It would be good if it was for everyone swell.

It’s got to be sensible hats tho.

Yes, and if you put silly ones then you will be ref / warned or something by an FD+ or SV admin. Btw good luck to you if you applied.

I’m pretty sure caps are on all ranks.

They are, except for CAC+ in High command team.

Yh, cause they follow a Staff Uniform policy and are trusted

Hmh. The point of this is to EXTEND the trust, but if it gets abused/people not wearing correct uniform I’m happy for it too be taken away.

That’s a demotion. Also, Cameras only work for PI+.

What’s a demotion?? And yea, I didn’t know that.

A demotion is when you go down ranks instead of higher ranks

Also, the hat’s could have the Rank Symbols made by @1_1. There would be a list of hats you could choose from, with those symbols o.