Getting a supervisor, easier

As a CP at Stateview, I’ve always had trouble finding a supervisor. So here’s what I think could help.

Whenever a player types something like ‘’!supervisor shift’’ in the chat, then a random FD+ will be notified if they have said the command ‘’!supervising shift true’’ before, as like in a PM. The ‘‘PM’’ will contain either a server-ID or a button to warp to the server. Same for trainings, and other sessions, but with other ranks to use commands such as ‘’!supervising training true’’ I think that this will make supervising way easier.

Make sure to reply if you don’t get it.

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Ther is a #Request supervsor channel for a reason like are you dumb

There is, but in order to get a supervisor from there, you need to keep your eyes on #request-supervisor for multiple minutes, or even hours.

Then dm the FD’s spam them if they ignore you move onto a diff FD and spam them and annoy them it’s the easiest way

You aren’t very smart are you? Doing what you just said you’ll get blocked and wont get a supervisor

DMing an FD just feels rude. Sometimes they just want to supervise, and getting rejected, just feels bad.

Why does it matter if i get blocked

If it feels rude don’t do it it’s what i use to do it allways worked not got blocked once.

You can’t ask them for sup again.

Gl finding a supervisor if everyone ends up blocking you.

Why does it matter if u cant ask for a sup again

You were lucky then, but the people i know block who dm’s them

Ty very much but no thanks id rather die than host

Dude, You’re creating a loop here. I want to get a supervisor, but without the #supervisor-request channel, because it’s (IMO) kind of bad… Look at the times the messages were posted here, it just isn’t practical.

Damn, nice mindset you got mate

Thank you man very nice of u to say that

There are like 900 CPs. With that command, every FD+ will get spammed with messages and you gotta understand that they also have a life without stateview.

I don’t mean on discord or something, but in-game.

if you want to host obviously you gotta keep your eye on the channel so you can find yourself a supervisor to fill your quota, people who is available at the time already sends a message there and theres no other good solution to this supervision issue

The point is that you don’t have to check up on discord, instead of having to Alt+Tab every second.