Give CP+ or even SI+ cuff privilages to CaO-ERT

Why? Well:

  1. Stops abuse
  2. Stops abuse
  3. Stops abuse
  4. Stops abuse
  5. Stops abuse
    What if SI abuses?
    Why would SI abuse? It’s not THAT easy to get SI and it will definetly be over 10 hours playtime if not more. Gamepass SI: Why would SI spend 5k robux just to abuse?



It’s easy to get SI + some people have too much money and are willing to buy SI just to Abuse.

That’s what us mods are for :wink:

At your service :saluting_face:

I get why people don’t like SIs having the ability to cuff officers, so atleast CP+

Dear @kasg12,

Your request will not be accepted due to the point that it can or will be used for abuse. There are enough ppl out there that would spend 5K Robux just to troll or abuse their abilities.

Kind regards

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as an SI, I would abuse the crap out of this.

Hello kasg12,

No, respectfully this is a bad idea for multiple reasons that I’ve listed below;

  • This would be abused by SI and even CP
  • This won’t stop abuse, all this will do is create it. If you encounter any abusers or individuals that violate our in-game regulations please report them via our intel server. Alternatively, you can call a game administrator to your game with the command “modcall [reason]”.

Prison Commissioner,
Community Management

They’re not buying it to abuse, they just see it as a high rank that they can get, but they don’t know the rules, which results in abuse.

Hey there, I’ve witnessed a lot of CP abuse, so I don’t think it’s a good idea. Besides, I don’t see why SI or CPs would need that kind of power. Also, having 10 hours of playtime only translates to 10 levels, and I believe Commander is level 8. Furthermore, CPs and SIs shouldn’t have cuff permissions; it’s best to let GA handle it.

Shut up.

Former Community Advisory Council

The person who made this suggestion is high

Former Chairperson


Dude…are you slow? This is a terrible idea. SI is simply way too easy to obtain to entrust them with something only a CAC+ or a OC has.

Worst Regards,
Random Intelligence Agency Kid.



Former community advisory council

even some oc abuse cuff perms tbh

Yeah. At least we can report them to OC HC…we can’t individually report 3K SI’s.

mhm but thats what ga are for to punish all idiots ingame

I disagree with this request.

Best Regards,

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Best Regards,

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i find this statement above rude and it hurts my cats feelings

former chairperson