Give CP small admin

I think that CP should be givin a small admin power such as warn and temporary things like kick, Res, Ref, SRLOCK and H and sit. This is because sometimes during a session the co-hosts are CP’s the host and supervisor goes afk, What happens is nobody has admin to do anything like let someone fall in or sit someone. Many pepole will agree with me on this one!


Use the search at and this would be abused,


Ah hell nah

That’s literally not small admin + bro just get FD like it ain’t that hard nowadays

Thats 32 words not one at least get it right lol

True, I’ll say it to my word next time

No! This sounds like admin that they had before. Buyable ranks should not have admin! ( Not counting FD )

You cannot buy FD, I agree some but what about giving certian CP’s the admin, Former FD+, CP’s promoted to CP.

there is no such thing as “small admin” you ether have admin or you dont

Thought you were TheFireDog911, well there is a impersonater on a diff acc here

Fires discord name was Thefiredog9111 for a long time due to ranking causes, he prob signed in with discord whivh automatically transferred discord pfp and name. Point is he aint impersonating

I know he ain’t impersonating there’s another acc here with the name “TheFireDog911”

Jimmy or siryeet

no + the fact that those commands were the ones that were most abused when CP had admin

no cus cp doesnt have quota so only fd+ can get admin

Also there would be many abusers


it isn’t hard? yeah lies aren’t needed here.

We have like 60 FD’s… When I was a CP We had 28/38 In 2 months time there was 58 FD’s It’s easy to get FD because everything is easy to do…

((These numbers are not accurate))

Hell nah there was admin for cp when i played yhe game last so it must of gotten taken away for a good reason

I don’t think they will add it, since you can buy the rank.