Give FD+ perms to use srlock

That will stop abuser to raid the SR when a session is ongoing, FD can supervise now, but FD can’t use srlock, that make more abuser to raid the SR, in the past, only CAC+ may supervise and do srlock, if superviser is CAC+ then we can stop abuser to raid, but now supervise by FD, then we get more chance to be raid, if FD can get srlock perms that will help a lot!


I agree with this idea. (I have seen requests like this before.)

Dd3819 (W)

I agree. gimme more characters

I feel like thats too hard to add cause either you make a whole new admin level (possible but not that easy), give HR admin the srlock command (CP would get it too, possible but rank buyers can abuse) or you give FD HR+ admin (most FDs arent ready for such commands)

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Then make a session or add something in inspection to make sure you may allowed to use it, in fact, I think FD+ are ready to use srlock…

Tbh fd and cp should just have a different admin level, CPs are just trials and new to admin, FDs have experience.
In my opinion, FDs should be able to 1 hour ban people, and some other useful commands like team

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I agree, CP is also a buyable rank and FD is trusted. SHOULD a FD ever abuse then theyre easy to ban.

how do u have regular under ur name
Nvm found it

Yes, regular gang with @Dark1 :sunglasses:

I agree with this. Also I think the CP pass should be removed. Because this person was in my game who was rank 1 and was CP. They used their rank to tell CO’s and ERT to kill every inmate. At the time I was only a PI and wasn’t in the discord so I couldn’t do anything.

I agree with removing it but we even had a long taök in the elecrion about this, jimmy would rip your head off.

Omg sound bad, SV will look like the hell lol.

Looks like your wish has been granted.

It’s CP+ tho.

Wait, did they get it? Nice, although CP seems to be a too low rank but anyways. Imagine rank buyers testing out their commands and not knowing what SRlock does, and co stantly spamming it, lol

Yeah, Idk why they made it CP+ tho, CP need an FD+ to supervise for them anyway.


Well, probably because FD and CP have the same admin and they really didn’t want to bother.

I prefer myself being control of the in lock, not my supervisor. CPs have res and ban which are far more abusable anyway.

:me oh no
:CP dance in SR Time!