Give SI View and unview command

So there have been many times a situation like this: I see that someone is bringing inmate to prison exit (has passed max sec) and then I can’t run and start recording at the same time which is why a couple of my tickets have been denied for lack of proof. I don’t think that this command is somewhat “extreme” and I honestly can’t see any reason why we can’t have SI to get view and unview commands just so they could easily gather proof for reports. I think that making the reporting proof gathering easier would also give some motivation to actually report abusers.

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Just get the username and mod call.

  • SchoneBiene, SI, Game Administration
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The mod usually takes a while to arrive and sometimes you can’t get the whole username. Also the mods usually will ask if you got proof and tells to report in intel.

Do both, mod call AND try to get proof, also, it really depends on the time you see rule breakers since sometimes there is just way too many calls.

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I see also potential in this as reducing the amount of mod calls. Can you tell me why this wouldn’t be good in your opinion? :slight_smile:

Reducing mod calls would be good, just get proof of it then, like giving them view commands would probably only result in abuse.

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We could add some kind of time limit like 5 mins or 6 views in 2h (not stacking up).


  1. It doesn’t prevent abuse, it just doesn’t.
  2. It would be hard to implement
  3. It would be even harder if they made it so that only SI’s that are not in GA have this, since admins sometimes have to view people more than that limit.
  • SchoneBiene, SI, Game Administration