Giving inmates chores

inmates should have chores so they don’t just sit there all the time and not get bored and the inmates need to be guided by police to be kept an eye on
[inmate chores]
: clean the prison
: serve food
and other chores. and when the police aren’t looking they can maybe escape.


Good idea


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Great idea

Deputy Warden, MrJoseph112.

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I think this is a great idea but will be very hard to make.


yes i agree but it will increase a lot more players since they don’t sit there and all day and do nothing and they get see what the chores are.

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Agreed. But keep in mind that it is very costly to hire devs(if you look in the dev fourms they are offering 75k-200k robux for it, and 10k robux costs 100 dollors)

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This is a good idea, it would help boost activity for the game and this means that it would be more fun rather than just sitting around as an inmate, this can also create more opportunities for the guards to over look the prisoners and would be more fun to RP in, I could see this implemented in a couple updates if 4D were to add it.

This is a really good idea! It would make being a prisoner more fun!

Good Idea they should do that!


I agree because it would lead to a new map? possibly new escape routes and it could be a game room where the inmates could play!

Eh the map just changed. That’s sus.

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