Guard gun abuse

Ok how many times have you seen guards just kill kill kill I mean why? Why do they do it. I don’t know how many times that this has happened but please think it as in real life guards killing inmates here and there it’s just bad ok so can we maybe do something about it. But my point is STOP GUN ABUSE it makes inmates mad

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They do it cause they are either a troll or a toxic 8YO who got mad cause a inmate killed him

That’s why we have ranks like Deputy Warden to manage guards. You can also report them on the discord server.

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??? They just removed bans, it was announced on the discord server.

If you see anyone ranking deputy warden or above, tell them for help. Just say “Hey sir, I need help, please. This guard is random killing.” I highly recommend contacting rather a warden than a deputy, as deputies are sometimes also abusers. Wardens are mostly helpful and if you tell them this, I am sure they will try to watch that guard, and if they see the violation, they will vote kick them, and report them. (the best person to contact is chairperson+, but it is rare to see them in-game). If I look at development solution, I think this could be fixed by just making us being able to kill a prisoner only when: they pull out a weapon (this person would be killable until death), and when they pass any red line (this person would be killable from returning from kill on sight area for 1 minute). Otherwise, there is no reason why would anyone use lethal force. The only thing that is mentioned in that board in-game is “if the inmate doesn’t heed to third warning” or something like that, I think that not heeding to 3rd warning should be punishable by solitary for like 5 minutes, not by kill.


They removed Temporary bans

Well the DW don’t really care so that’s why we need more higher ranks.

well it’s probaly for trolling puposes but there are many factors on who is innocent

Please stop putting stuff about bans here. This is for the topic only.

please do not put ban stuff here

Hello @Jonthebest1,
I fully understand that it’s annoying our Staffs is killing innocent Inmates, I mostly see random killing in Yard & showers. I can’t answer on “WHY” the abusers do it, I’ll love to know. Remember that random killing is when:

  • You shoot unarmed inmates & they didn’t passed a red line.

The only times you can kill an inmate are:

  • They passed a red line.
  • They are armed.
What do I do, if I see an abuser?

If you see an abuser do following:

  • Take screenshot or record videos & upload it to something like youtube.
  • Go and tell the abuser, what they did wrong & they need to stop.
  • If they didn’t stop see if there is an CP+ ingame & tell them.
  • If none CP+ on your server, vote kick the abuser (If you not are COMM+ skip this step)
  • Now go to our Intel Discord & create a game report about the user & provide the proof you have.

I will just let you know our HR, SHR & Leadership Team to all What they can, do stop the abusers.

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there are too many fAcToRs man

Funny story, once my lil bro was playing stateview with me and he keeps shouting let me out of the prison but then I say you have to try and escape the prison since staff can’t let inmates out of prison. So once I told him that i had to get a drink or something I forgot and then my lil bro was on my account cuff abusing, random killing and letting people escape on my account leading me to get vote kicked even though I was not at my computer and once i got vote kicked my lil bro went like sorry for getting you kicked… lol

that’s your responsibility for your young brother punishments are counted on what account you are playing and what you do not who is playing

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No there aren’t. @Valdemarcrafter is correct, the only reason to kill any inmate is when you see them equipping firearm or if they pass the red line. That is all.


You have responsibility for your account. If you don’t want to be punished while you aren’t on your account, be sure to log out & don’t give your pass to anyone. Do not let any people play on it, else it’s your own fault.

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Can you stop trolling? Like you dont have to be professional here but dont make stupid replies

What on earth are you trying to do?