Guards dropping keycards

This would be useful if you don’t own the “Stolen Keycard” game pass, there’s a small chance (for example 5/20) for a guard to drop a keycard inmates can pick up, it gets removed after the inmate dies.

I don’t really agree. Inmates are already disruptive enough and one guard or inmate with keycard gamepass leaving a door open causes a riot. If this were to be added, I would suggest that a 1/5 chance, and it despises after 10 seconds.

The other issue here is copyright. Prison Life already have this feature, and although I don’t think the Prison Life devs would press charges, I’m not sure whether SV High Command would take the risk.

Like I said, this is only speculating possible issues, and you have any problem with my advice, personal message me on the forums.

Sorry, I ment despawn rather than despises.

You can’t copyright an idea, jailbreak has that too, prison life didn’t invent this mechanic and they can’t copyright it.

Oops, okay. Thanks for telling me.