Guide for Cadets

Hi, welcome in my little guide for cadets, I’m Elia and I wanted to help new people on how to play correctly.

I will divide this topic in 4 sections:
I - Protocols
II - Abuses
IV - Sessions


I’m going to do some examples of inmates breaking rules, then what you need to do.

Inmate crosses red line:
— The one at Correction officer spawn: kill
— The ones at the status: cuff and warning

Many inmates crosses red line causing a riot: Shoot
Note: please don’t shoot if only 1 or 2 inmates crosses red line, it ruins a bit the roleplaying, and cuffing it’s not that hard, just equip and click.

Inmate SEEN with contraband: Cuff and warning (frisk)
Inmate uses contraband:
— non-lethal contraband(keycards, hammer…): Solitary (frisk)
— lethal contraband(guns, knifes…): solitary (frisk)

Inmate exploiting: Type in chat modcall [reason of modcall] (ex. modcall inmate qwerty12345 exploiting (with/without video proofs)

Inmate spamming(flooding): tell him to stop:
— If he continues: Warning

Inmate insulting/disrespecting: cuff and warning

Inmate leaves while in cuffs Don’t do anything, the inmate will be in max when he re-enters.

Inmates punches:
— Officer: Cuff and warn (if needed even taser)
— Inmate: Cuff and warn (if needed even taser)
— Inmate(on the yard ring):
—Kills and terminate: solitary (if needed even taser
—Kills and revive: Nothing
—Doesn’t kill: Nothing

Theese are some examples, tell me if I didn’t remembered something

Every inmate should recive 3 warnings, at the reaching of the third put to max or sol:
— third warn: Solitary
— Sixth warn(in total): Solitary
— Nineth warn(in total): Max
— Twelfth warn(in total): Max
— Fifteenth warn(in total): Execution
To take count of the warnings you can use !notepad.

! ! ! ATTENTION: Don’t use execution chamber without a good reason, if you are not sure ask Deputy Warden or higher. ! ! !

Crims entering prison: Taser, cuff and arrest, if you can’t use taser, kill.


In this section we will talk about abuses.

(NOTE: for all theese abuses you need to report by modcalling using modcall [reason] or by opening a ticket in intel server (you need proofs) that can be found in .gg/stateview > #faq > question n.3.)

Cuff abuse: Cuff abuse is abusing the handcuffs tools by random cuffing inmates or locking them in cells. Remember that inmates are allowed to roam freely, so don’t lock them in cells. What to do if you see someone cuff abusing.

RDM (Random Death Match) (AKA: Random killing): Random killing is prohibited as it ruins the roleplay and the gameplay of the user.

Unauthorized Areas: Unauthorized area are places where users can’t be without permission or without a role:
— Control Room(room with computer in cell block): Commander+
— ERT Spawn(in the hallway from CB to Yard): ERT+
— Cameras room(at prison entrance): Prison inspector+
—Crims base: Crims only (more infos later this post)

Lockdown Abuse: Activating the lockdown system without being Deputy Warden or higher is prohibited, however a DW+ can give permission to a COMM+ to activate the emergency lockdown. Even activating lockdown without a reason is abuse

Spawn Camping: If a police officer goes to arrest crims at their base, is considered as abuse.

Radio abuse: Spamming, Flooding, saying inappropriate things (etc.) on radio is prohibited.

Disrespect: is prohibited to disrespect an officer with an higher role than you, even disrespecting crims or inmates is abuse.

Execution Abuse: Abusing execution is prohibited.

Modcall Abuse: using the modcall system randomly can result in a punishment.

Frisk abuse: frisking inmates randomly is abuse, you can frisk them while transporting them to max or sol, status, execution chamber, or if you seen them with contraband or they use it.

Roblox ToS violation Obviously is prohibited to violate roblox ToS.

Disturbing a session: as inmate or officer disturbing sessions is prohibited.

Glitching inmates: glitching inmates with cuffs into walls is prohibited.


— You get a gun at level 4, with the rank correction officers (you get Glock 17)

— Discord server link: .gg/stateview

— What is BloxCord? Is a bot that can be used to host sessions, ban, kick or mute users etc.

— How do I rank up? Play the game, attend sessions, buy ranks.

— How do I join a specific server? Type in chat !joinserver [ServerID to get the server ID type in chat !serverid

— How do I join an event on mobile?

  • Delete Roblox.
  • Re-install Roblox.
  • Open the link on discord.
  • Log in roblox.
  • You should be in.

Attention: the topic is work in progress, I will continue this, please tell me in the comments if something is wrong, thanks!


— Elia33337 (Writing)
— Skyzzzz11 (Corrections)

Thanks to all the people in this list!

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Not exactly. Only in cases of actual riots.

If an inmates used lethal contraband to kill try to kill others, you put them in solitary

Max is greater then solitary now. Third and sixth warn is solitary and nineth and twelfth is max. Also, you don’t need any permission to use the chair. Just have a valid reason.

No. It’s instant max.

If an inmate crossed the red line near the CS spawn and exit, you are authorized to kill them.

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Also. This an an example of a perfect topic with no changes needed. Great job! (Except for some grammar errors in the title)

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This is a very good guide!


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Thanks, I edited the post, now it should be all good! Thanks again.

-Elia (W)

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This is a very good guide for new ppl within Stateview Prison thank you very much for that

Kind regards

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Okay, there are no “12” warnings. The max is 3, then you send em to solitary, and their warnings get reset.

I was gonna say that as well lol.

So much misinformation in this guide…


I mean in total like 3 warns + 3 warns



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If they continue you should modcall, if you are in possession of valid proof report it to our intel server.

Same thing here, you should modcall.

Oh, yeah right, thx



Inmate disrespect is roleplay (unless breaks Roblox ToS), and said inmate is to be put in Solitary.

Imma specify this.


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No it isn’t, any disrespect is disrespect. Disrespect also violates Roblox ToS lmao

At least the inmate should specify that is for rp.