[GUIDE] How to get SSI or Super Superintendent in 5 simple steps

Hello SV gamers today I’m going to be explaining how to get the rank Super Superintendent:

Step 1: Annoy all the mods you can do this by sliding into their DMs or being a very bad boy by breaking rules constantly or trying to raid sessions this will get the mods to notice you and decide if you should become a Super Superintendent.

Step 2: Ask for Superintendent, if you are not an SI you must BEG and PLEADE for the mods to promote you to SI if you are already SI, you can skip this Step.

Step 3: Cuff abuse, let all inmates free or execute them all if a mod questions you say YASSS I DID THAT they would notice your hard work by keeping the inmates in line.

Step 4: Get good, you must take all inmates and shove them into the accuracy training room and kill them 1 by 1 this should make the mods notice how good your accuracy is.

Step 5: DM Jimmy 30 times asking for the rank he should then DM all the Mods asking if they think you should get the rank and if you followed all the steps, you would get SSI either forever or only for a while if you followed the steps wrong.

(For Legal reasons this is a joke don’t actually do this unless you want to speed-run your ban also I do not take responsibly for your actions those are up to you to make.)

Your friendly CP,


IT WORKS!!! I got super superintendent and idk what da “i” is for

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Congrats on SSI!!! the S stands for Super , the other S stands for Super also and the I stands for the intendent part of superintendent.

Thank you so much for the tips. I love my new role. I feel so super now.

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just did this and the mods slapped si in my face while saying get good.