Gun/gun abusers

Some members of staff are so annoying they kept cuffing me and frisking me and i was doing nothing wrong they just kept cuff and gun abusing you should add a feature that scans to see if there abusing an innocent prisoner and if they try abuse it gives 3 warnings then kicks them

Thats very hard to code as it would malfunction every time and in fact we akready have ro guard wich helps with that.

Why is there always negativity what this world needs is some positives nothing is impossible theres no such thing as cant i know how hard script is as i do it as im game developer

But you dont get my point, izs impossible because it takes HOURS and HOURS to script for a not working randomly kicking/banning system and second of all, we already have ro guard which also helps with abuse.

To build that game it probably took days to weeks we will let them decide as the guard is not working as i kept getting cuff abused and gun