Gun requests for stateview

I feel like they should add more guns for the cop and criminal team one of the criminal guns should be a flamethrower the damage would be 10 and it would deal 1 every 1.5 seconds and the burn effect should last for 12 seconds
a cop gun should be a .22 magnum it would deal 45 damage and have a reload of 5 seconds
another criminal gun should be AK-17 it should deal 10 damage a hit and had 25 bullets in it.

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ik this is very long and I did not feel like using a lot of grammar

So a flamethrower doesnt fit in stateview, the Magnum isnt needed as Real prisons dont use it and the AK-17 is bassically the AKM. I dont think there shoukd be any weapon update soon, our recent guns are fine.

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what about RPG for the criminal team

For the last time, sv is a prison rp game, NOT a warzone/pvp game

what about a shotgun for the prisoners team

Stateview is not a war zone
And jimmy said new gun at 40K likes.

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what about thunder for the LSD team

I agree with this request, but there would be too much coding for the coders tbh, although i like the idea. :frowning:

For me half of it is roleplay and half of it is pvp cause raids and escapees. They all have included in gun fighting so yeah that’s why it is like that for me.

It is a RP fame and nothing like a PVP game, if you want that play other PVP games but not SV

How about adding a ‘Aim’ option?

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That is a great idea, if you didn’t mention it I totally forgot about it, but this is a prison roleplay game sadly.

The game is like a warzone with all the raids so don’t add powerful weapons like RPG and they should add a Dog unit rank