Handcuffs are able take inmates to medical room

Firstly i think that maybe on handcuffs you can make arrest them and then there will be an option to take them to the infirmary like arresting them and also secondly I think that when you are in infirmary you regenerate health a lot quicker

By the time the medical officers make it there, the inmate will auto heal and be full health lol.

Can be abused alot, imagine a abuser running around arresting everyone and teleporting them to the infirmary.

I like only the health idea, the other one. And only if it turns off if you go in combat.

You should be able to see their health if you are a Medical officer and another medbay near CB maybe where they can be healed as we don’t want to take possibly armed inmates to a spawn of which they could spawn kill.

when i was a warden i just roleplay as medical officer

i see inmate going ill i take them to infirmary room also frisk them i tell them to stay in bed
then i treat them and then transport that inmate to the correct area/position

being in infirmary doesn’t magically make you regenerate health a lot quicker cuz maybe you need a medical officer you need them to heal you maybe who knows i mean roblox isnt all about realism so who knows

i think a roleplay is better instead of just arresting a armed inmate and take them to the infirmary cuz they can get their weapons back if they got the gamepasses [i hate these gamepasses]

unless unless…if the inmate has no weapons :wink:

Way too easy to abuse, easier to encourage random cuffing/arresting, most MOs are new to the game and would not know what to do, would take a lot of time, time consuming, MOs cannot handle like 10 arrested inmates waiting for infirmary. Plus, with the health in infirmary, if the room is always like that, it would make a perfect camping spot for crims/inmates to permanently use, which would be a bit OP…

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