Have a whole different game for training?

Tried to get into training, instead just got arrested by random guards with an IQ of 90. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if training was held in a whole separate game? Just so it doesn’t get in the way of actual roleplay.

To participate in training, you have to be a cop, and go to the session room(near exit)

You can’t attend a training if you aren’t staff, but it is more realistic to host things in the SR in the main game.

who cares about realism in virtual pixelated kids game seperate game is 100% better for sure

If training is hosted in a separate game, that would drop the player count of the main server, resulting in less populated servers, among other things.

Honestly it’s more convenient for everyone if Trainings are hosted in the main game.

Also you need to be a guard to move around freely the prison. I think that’s supposed to be obvious?

Keep the training in the same game.It’s so much easier.