Have you been playing since V1

I made this topic because I was curious wether people here played since V1

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  • No

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I have, I prefer V1 since I feel like you had to earn your rank and work harder back then, and it was more fun. It was more of a prison game back then, now it feels more like Cops 'n Robbers than it did back in V1, since people can now escape. It no longer feels as fun now.

I’d also like to note that the news that State view is going to become more of a county game doesn’t sit well with me, and will just feel like another Generic county game.

I also wished that V1 was still open - I loved V1, and personally think it was way better V2.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on my opinions though :slight_smile:


Yea i fully agree, when i started playing getting cp was like getting cac now. I never played v1 myself but i really enjoyed the early stages of v2. Jimmy said he might reopen v1 when v3 launches but its not fully sure yet

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Honestly, I would love it if V1 reopened, I think the community would really enjoy it.

When I played V1, I remember Wardens hosting trainings, and there being more COs than any other rank.

If V1 opens wardens will not be allowed to host, ranks and rules would stay the same.

I know, however, I’m talking about what it was like when V1 was open.

I guess I did. But I remember when they had the electro-chair in the game. It was so fun!

Signed, robloxe00755 (Mark) PI - DW