Having Admin vip server owners

It would be amazing for VIP server owners to have admin to have a little fun and incase someone on the vip server is abusing like a friend that needs kicking or banned


First why would you ban a friend?!?!
Second use the search bar :confused:

Well i just dont invite friends i offer my YouTube subscribers and friends you meet on roblox could turn so thats why

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Use the search bar
Not really needed, worst case scenario you can VK them as long as you put private server in it

this is a Nice Idea This must be addet in the game!

Ikr who says you cant have fun in a VIP server RGT aka roblox got talent does it

Pls add this a VIP Server Owner have CAC(HC) and HR+ Commands

CAC can gban ppl :roll_eyes:

Gimme morecharacters

Vip servers are private fun.Add adim commands for owner of the private server.Who says you can’t have fun.My server my rules.

Problem is, they will most likely also get added in logs
Jimmy’s game, jimmy’s rules

Then find away to make sure that doesn’t happens.Nothing is impossible.

Too much work for just some people having fun in a vip server, they can better add more features like svtoilets, warps for every status, or a LD command

well i agree about it since its a big problem for game nights too, but admin would be a little abusive. instead of admin, it can be let you just ‘server ban’.

and not only stateview, most of roblox games have admin in vip servers, so i think stateview should have it too