Having Weapons from prisoner team and getting them on ERT or CO or MO

Please fix this bug, you get tools from the Prisoner team and while you are on a different team. I have to keep refreshing my self to get them away. It also doesn’t take more than one time about 10-20 times to get it done. Also if you need evidence here it is

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I don’t really get what the problem with this is?

This isn’t a bug. If you buy the gamepass weapons, they appear in your inventory no matter what team you’re on.

@Blub20074 I don’t get what the problem is either, If I was on ERT team and changed to prisoner it would be normal no tools.

As @Shadow has already said it’s not a bug if you have game pass weapons you get them on the Guard team so @Supermanevanluo the post above you says the answer.: