Help out on the wiki

Hi everyone, I’m posting this to advertise the wiki. The wiki is still fairly inactive and full of misinformation, and we need more active editors.

Please try to make at least a few edits so the wiki can be usable as a source of reliable info.

Here’s the link

Forum regular
Admin on the Stateview Prison Wiki

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Honestly. I don’t think the wiki will grow anymore. Especially since the forums exist. I would have loved if the wiki had bursted with members but I really don’t think that’s going to happen.

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As as an admin on the wiki I support this message


Bud you’ve gone from member to admin in like less then a week :skull:

i will add more misinformation to the wiki

Ok bud :skull:


This text will be hidden

Most likely the wiki would be used by the new players that maybe aren’t even in the discord, so they just play without sessions or anything

But yes that is true

more like a month :skull:

2 weeks then.

Most likely new players use forums as they never heard of the wiki.


This is likely because people happen to talk about the forums in-game, not so much about the wiki.

Also because the wiki is horribly inaccurate at some articles because of vandalism, I literally found that that game rules article said that an inmate goes to max a 2 warns bcuz someone changed it. There was also the rank"chairwomen of the board" on the abbreviations page for the same reason

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Then you get blocked and reported

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Is bro gonna report him fandom staff or sum :skull::sob:

Yes. Yes he will

ooooo so scare!!! :scream:

Really the wiki won’t grow. Done.

According to Ahmed, jimmy knows Abt it, so he’ll prob advertise it soon or smth

I would give Jimmy Bcrat if he joined

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Same, but I would make sure that he doesn’t try to commercialize it if he does join…