Helpers and Warden Perms

I think that only Wardens above level 64 should be able to help because people who bought the rank or were promoted from DW sometimes don’t know what to do. I also think that Wardens should be given the pm command so while helping it’s easier to tell the Host the scenario or shooting passers, and it could help to tell abusers to stop. Wardens could also be given the h command but only to preset messages like ‘Please stop abusing.’ or ‘Inmates can roam the cell block.’ basically reminding people of the rules.

H command would be abused, and the lvl 64+ part isnt useful, as they are ment to learn

I also think that if a dw+ gives someone a warning there should be a thing that displays to all other DW+ that they have a warning.

Would be abused too, and people would go VKA bc someone has max warns

That’s why I said it should only be set to certain messages and maybe have a usage limit like it can only be used once a minute per server, but CP+ are exempt from the limit so they can announce.

Abusers could be stopped by making the votekick and warning thing to certain players like a trusted warden who has to pass a test to get the rank.

Its good how it is and I dont think we need to change anything.

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