Helps CPs and FDs avoid raider raid their shifts

Since FDs can supervise CPs’ shifts, I have noted that there is a deadly point is that CPs can’t lock SR to avoid raiders raid. Although raiding SR is Gban already, the raiders seem not afraid Gban, and most of them are guests or LRs. So, I think that maybe CPs should have the power to lock SR and unlock SR when CPs are hosting. Although there ais guards policy already, they can’t defend a lot of criminals as well. Or, we might need to add detection on the ground so that If they enter the SR, they will be Gban automatically. I think it’s a necessary action that we should take, instead of ignore it.

Better idea, make it so theres a wall crims csant shoot nor go through. This would allow them acces to cam room but grants there are no raiders.

I agree with both of these, either they make a wall that inmates/criminals cant pass or they make SRlock FD+. That would help with the raiders.

I had to cancel a few shifts recently due to nonstop raids, both of these ideas would help out so much.

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CP+ gained the ability of Srlock with a valid reason so I guess you wish was granted?

Criminals can still attack when you are waiting for the session to begin or calling people back from a Shift.