High ranks with a second pair of cuffs for coos

There should be a second pair of cuffs to detain cops who are abusing their power for high ranks Deputy+ and if there was a cop cuff abuser people could vote kick if needed.

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But I feel like that would be highly abused.
Like beyond anything else.
Imagine if those existed and where used during trainings and shifts at the hosts.
Like it would just be a pain.

This would cause more abuse, only for PC+ if added

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Make it FD+ as any rank under that id easy to obtain.
(CP can be bought, if the CP gamepass gets removed we can give it to them as well)

This would be ABUSED A LOT of it was DW+. I suggest CAC+, and they can only cuff ranks up to W. If they abused this, they would be banned.

I have no motives for my own benefit with this post, as I am a Warden who understands that even some Wardens abuse.