Hinting (feature request)

Hi, I think when you accidentaly hint, someone should tell you about it. Today I accidentaly hinted (I didnt know they added the rule back) and no one told me that i did it, so the next session i accidentaly did it again. Thats why I think people should tell you before adding it to your logs. Someone could do it accidentaly and the he has it in his logs.

He would first get a verbal warning about the hinting. If he does it again, it’s his fault.

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Well, I didnt get no verbal warning.

Well you werent staff warned so

You got a verbal warning.


So that means I dont have anything with hinting in my logs?

You do, but it’s just a verbal warning

Just a verbal warning probably

So I just wanted to ask if it is possible to get a promo to CP even with 2 minor infractions. (hinting)

It is possivle, yes. It is just a bit harder and probably takes more time.

I managed to get CP with a Staff warning (for hinting)