How do I get donater perks?

I mean I am just asking how to get the Donater Perks thing in the game? :blush: Ok , I need 150 characters in this thing , so just ignore this sentence. lol , may someone answer this?? It would be cool if you answer this.

I think this is how you do it.

First, buy admin commands.

Then do “!cape” and buy the thing that pops up in afk until 100K donations (by xjimm_y)

The total cost is 1850 robux for all this.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

You can also just buy a tshirt for a total price of 400 robux…

What tshirt. Can you link it?.

What I did is search “Code orange” in groups and buy the donation T-Shirt. Then when you join the game you get the perks!

Here is the link to the shirt! T-Shirt.

just type !cape in game and its 400R$