How do patrol logs work?

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How do patrol logs work? Anyone know? Because it is just confusing for me. Do you have to do a certain number of patrol logs to get CP?

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I don’t know how they were intended to be like but this is kinda how they work (I think)
Take a screenshot (whether it’s a session or not)
Take a screenshot when you’re finished
Post with format.

Many people also make patrol logs about sessions and usually ping the host so they confirm it.

It HELPS becoming a CP, but isn’t necessarily, and no, there is no set amount of patrol logs to get CP, it is more about what you do in those patrol logs

As Blub said previously, filling out patrol logs will not guarantee that you are promoted to CP. However, by posting patrol logs, you are showing your activity to the people who can promote you (CAC+). Again, This does not guarantee that you will be promoted!

Hi! To answer your question we will go just a bit into the topic of probability, now there is x number of patrol logs required for CP or in simpler terms there is no set amount of patrol logs for CP, instead if your active and log a lot, it will make it more likely for a CAC+ to notice you, becuase of more amount of messages = more probability that your activity will be noticed or read and of course as Blub mentioned, it won’t assure that you will get CP, since there are a lot of variables at play here, so to conclude the more amount of patrol logs you do the more chance there is of a CAC+ seeing your messages and notice your activity.


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No patrol logs :frowning: